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What has been done

  • In 1992, WARPA has worked out a zero-knowledge proof of knowledge in one round in the sense of Fiat-Shamir

  • Later, it was proved that this algorithm, while being tractable is, in addition, post-quantum. It has been presented at Catacrypt'2017

  • In 2021, WARPA was able to include in this protocol a secret key distribution, while keeping the zero-knowledge proof of knowledge property. This software should fly on the International Space Station in 2023 (to be confirmed)

  • This algorithm is particularly well fitted for large constellation of satellites since for attacking them, it implies the need of an individual attack on each of them

The near future

WARPA is currently developing a financial software for currency exchange guaranteeing at the same time the following properties

  • Anonymous transactions

  • Traceable transactions

  • Possibility to store ones money on any personal means (USB key, hard disk, cloud, etc.)

This system is consistent with the currencies worldwide

Quantum radar

What has been done

  • From 2002 on, WARPA has developed a new approach of quantum physics, dropping the Archimedes axiom in the set of axioms founding this discipline

  • This brought to a much more general "world" with additional possibilities

  • In particular, this gives the possibility to "find" the famous hidden variables whom Einstein and de Broglie believed in against the Copenhagen school of Bohr

  • And this of course destroys, to some extent, the intrinsic randomness plaguing quantum physics

The near future

  • Introducing finite projective geometry we are able to design a quantum radar able of evaluating its target with an accuracy of 10^-7 m at a distance of 100 km

  • The radar, for detection, does not need any echoing wave

  • Stealthness against such a radar is not possible

  • Many disruptive applications are made possible

  • A single preliminary experiment is required to confirm the feasibility of such a concept

Communications which cannot be tapped

What has been done

  • From the same disruptive physics as the one described in the previous section, we introduced that time knots theory into quantum physics

  • This gave birth to a communication protocol which

    • cannot be tapped

    • sends information quicker than the speed of light, but without contradicting relativity theory

  • This protocol has been published and presented at Catacrypt'2014

The near future

  • Design of a physics experiment able of detecting a specific knot topology

Analog quantum computer

What has been done

  • Our non Archimedean approach of quantum physics has allowed WARPA to work out the principle of an analog quantum computer able of NP-Complete computations

  • This has been presented at Catacrypt'2014

The near future

  • Carry out a small scale experiment

  • Achieve some better knowledge of subspaces in finite projective geometries

  • Apply this to cristallography in physics

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