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Outstanding heavy load transportation airship


The TeraDrone is a strong contributor to the green globalization.

Its characteristics are the following

  • All weather

  • All terrain

  • No hangar needed for parking

  • Zero emission

  • hydrogen filled

  • fully dronized (100% autonomous)

  • 100 to 1,000 tons payload with point to point transportation

  • Max altitude 7,000 m

  • Max Speed 150 km/h

  • transportation cost of 0.1 €/

No place in the world is unattainable. Many applications are possible from goods transportation, through flying hospitals, fighting against forest fires, ensuring the security of borders, disenclaving remote populations, rescue up to a green fully silent zero-footprint aerial metro in megacities

Stratospheric Platform

The disruptive concept of a  high international supersonic airport

While humankind is desperatly trying to decrease its emissions the first idea that comes to mind, concerning aviation, is to fly lower and slower

WARPA has worked out a concept which allows flying much higher, much quicker and consuming less

Our concept is the following

  • Let us consider a tethered platform at 40 km altitude

  • The passenger board on ground in a small 50 pax high supersonic plane

  • The plane is put into a lift which climbs at 80 km/h

  • Upon arrival, the platform is used for the purpose of being a runway

  • When the plane leaves the platform it is already at Mach 1

  • It dives, using gravitation to accelerate until Mach 3.2 and reach 30 km altitude

  • This is the cruise altitude

  • Since the density of air is very small, the consumption is low while we are flying fast

  • The plane then lands on a normal airport

  • Since the plane is small, the shock wave does not reach the ground hence the possibility of flying anywhere

vue plateforme W.jpg


Disruptive science

There is a belief, worldwide, by the engineers, that in order to propel a spacecraft, it is necessary to reject matter outside. This belief is based on Newton's third law. However, this is a bad interpretation of this law.

WARPA has been able to find a way not to reject any matter outside the spacecraft, while generating a substantial thrust. This needed to develop a treasure of fine understanding of deep physics and led to a patent

Thanks to this discovery, we can provide the following

  • Trips to Mars will last 1 week only and Jupiter is at 1 month

  • Proxima Centauri, with a 300 kg probe is only at 18 years, passing by at c/2

  • The lifetime of satellites is brought to about 30 years against 15 years for the one in geostationary orbit and 5 years for low earth orbits

  • The orbit and plane of orbit change are for free

  • Once the life of a satellite is over, it can be de-orbited to burn in the atmosphere or even better, it can be recycled in a specific space station, decreasing the footprint to zero

  • This engine also allows to decrease the initial impulse given by the launcher hence decreasing also the launcher ecological footprint

plasmic propulsion.jpg


Green electricity generation

Electricity is not a primary energy source, it needs to be produced. Today the different means are more or less efficient to do this, generally about 30%The TAG has a minimum efficiency of 50%, fuel-to-electricity. Its practical asymptote is about 65% .It works this way: a heat source (e.g., a burner) is brought into the TAG with heatpipes, the heat is transformed into sound and the sound into electricity.

Its main characteristics are the following (the figures have been measured)

  • Low outside noise (40 dB)

  • Very high reliability (MTBF=200,000h)

  • Very high specific power (>1 kWe/kg)

  • Easily adaptable to all vehicles (cars, ships, planes)

  • Power range from 0 to 500 kWe

  • Multi fuel capability

  • Zero emission capability

This generator will be part of the TeraDrone which will need 40 such units at 50 kWe. We are at TRL6.


TAG alternateur rotatif_edited.jpg
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